Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

In a world prone to calamity, illness, and rising prescription and doctor visit costs, it’s wise to protect yourself by having health insurance. As a premier health insurance provider in Chattanooga, TN, Insurance Advisors of Tennessee offers a way to see the doctor and get the prescriptions you need, all at a fraction of the market price.

At Insurance Advisors of Tennessee, our health insurance providers offer a wide range of plans. Health plans are designed to address your needs, protect you financially, and offer you the peace of mind you deserve. After consulting with our representatives, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the option that will benefit you the most.

Types of health insurance offer:

  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Health insurance for individuals, small bushiness and large companies
  • A variety of options to accommodate different budgets
  • Prescription coverage

Group Health Insurance

Insurance Advisors of Tennessee is a premier group health insurance provider that offers services to both large and small companies in Chattanooga and the Tri-State area. By consistently providing excellent customer service, we’ve obtained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’re an independent agency that understands how important it is to ensure that your employees are sufficiently covered.

Our goal is to provide a group policy that won’t compromise any necessary benefits. We believe that a successful company is one that takes care of its employees. Whenever you work with one of our agents, you can always expect to receive:

  • A wide range of available policies
  • Service that’s geared to your unique needs
  • A detail-oriented approach toward addressing your goals


For most people, transitioning to Medicare for the first time can be a very complex process. You may wonder, will my current prescriptions be covered? Will I be able to continue seeing my current doctors? How can my spouse continue to receive adequate health coverage once I’m on Medicare?

These and many more questions can be answered by your experienced insurance advisor at Insurance Advisors of TN. Don’t call an 800 number for something as important as your health benefits!

Medicare is broken into five main parts:

  • Part A (Hospital Coverage)
  • Part B (Medical Coverage)
  • Part C (Medical Advantage)
  • Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)
  • Supplemental (Medigap Coverage

Coverage for Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medigap are all offered by private insurance companies, which is where our experienced advisors come in. We can assist you in finding and comparing different plans based on your individual needs and ensure that the policy you choose meets those needs.

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