Life Insurance

Life Insurance​

Insurance Advisors of Tennessee is a reputable life insurance agency that assists residents who live in Chattanooga and the Tri-State areas. As a fully licensed and insured company, you can count on our knowledgeable agents to identify equitable policies for you. We’re an independently operated agency that believes in taking care of our client’s needs with consistency and accuracy. Our positive rating with the Better Business Bureau is evidence of our outstanding customer service.

We believe that maintaining a high quality of life involves being worry-free about the future. That’s why our agents will go the extra mile to ensure that you’re adequately covered against any unexpected major events that could arise later on in life. We can help you find affordable plans from some of the biggest providers in the industry.

Whole Life

Whole Life Plans are Permanent Plans with guaranteed cash value and Death Benefit.

  • Death Benefit is guaranteed never to go down.
  • Premiums are guaranteed never to go up.
  • Benefits are paid to your beneficiary and are not subject to federal income tax.
  • This plan cannot be canceled because of changes to your age or health as long as premiums are paid.
  • Cash value grows over time, when premiums are paid.
  • No Medical Exams or blood work required as part of the application process.


Insurance Term Insurance Plans with a defined Period of Time with a defined Coverage and Premium.
  • 10,15, 20, or 30 year rate guarantees
Term Insurance with a Return of Premium Rider
  • Plans are only for 20 years and as a result, all of your annual paid premiums are refunded to you at the end of the term period. Coverage terminates when premiums are refunded at the end of the coverage term. In lieu of a return of premiums, many companies offer a paid up life insurance policy as an option.
  • Convertible to a permanent plan of insurance without proof of insurability.
Universal Life Plan
  • Flexible-premium, adjustable-benefit life insurance contract which also accumulates cash value
  • Limited or no Medical Exams or blood work required as part of the application process
  • No stated maximum coverage amount
  • No-lapse guarantee when minimum premium is paid


Do you have the ‘Old’ Term Life Insurance or the 21 st century Hybrid model?

If you were diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness such as cancer, do you have enough money saved to meet all of your household expenses for 12 months?

Statistics show: the average American has less than $4,000 in savings, while 57% of U.S. adults have less than $1,000 to their names.

Let us show you how you can leverage your life insurance policy to it’s maximum potential by providing your family with much needed funds during a health crisis with a Living Benefit Rider on your life insurance policy.

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